ICT business

Premise Communication Network Facility

Since a premise communication facility like the conduit lines of a building is an infrastructure, which is used almost semi-permanently until the life of the building ends, the first design is very critical. For ICT business, we are engaged in installing subsidiary equipment to communication facilities such as conduit lines, communication tunnels, pipes, and wire so that smooth communication can be realized. Therefore, we elevate the value of a building by installing a pleasant communication environment.

>Premise Communication Network Facility >Premise Communication Network Facility

Network Equipment

It is the Internet that is considered as one of the important trends these days. In the fields of ICT business, it comes first to operate, maintain, and secure ICT network system effectively and safely for the Internet used in a company and a house. Equipped with a specialized technical support system, we can properly respond to customer's needs and request.

Network Equipment Network Equipment

Closed-Circuit (CCTV) Equipment

CCTV is simply no longer a tool to monitor someone. We think of it as a tool to prevent our family and property safely and construct it precisely and honestly.

Closed-Circuit (CCTV) Equipment Closed-Circuit (CCTV) Equipment

Internet Environment Control - Smart Farm

The opening of the agricultural market has triggered severe competition and conflicts among countries. To cope with them, we try to reinforce our competitiveness in agriculture by using ICT convergence technologies for agricultural sectors. In the era when the environment is polluted, we are researching the way to make it possible to grow farm produces without soil by using ICT technologies.

Internet Environment Control - Smart Farm