Company History


    • 2018.07
      Beijing-Shenyang business conference (APEC Small and Medium Entrepreneur's Technology Conference and Forum) attended
    • 2018.06
      The MOU signed for supplying DME to Jiutai Energy (Zhangjiagang), China
      The MOU signed with India for landfill gas
      ISO Certification (KS Q ISO 9001:2015) upgraded
    • 2018.05
      Listed / Investment attracted form MicroVC
    • 2018.03
      Research Institute approved
      Venture business approved
    • 2018.02
      Moved in Boeun Industrial Complex


    • 2017.08
      ISO Certification (KS Q ISO 9001:2009) acquired
    • 2017.03
      An exclusive supply contract signed with US Unitel for DME, GTL, and SSLNG
    • 2017.02
      R&D exclusive team organized (certified by KOITA)
      Technology transferred to Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials: 'Plasma-Catalytic Dry Reforming Reaction Technology'
    • 2017.01
      Tieling Shi (Liaoning Province in China) visited for DME business conference
      (the mayor, the director of Energy Department, and the director of Environment Department attended together)
      Power of attorney (POA) regarding technology transfer rendered to Korea Gas Corporation


    • 2016.12
      Agreement concluded with TSMEE (Jiangsu Province in China) for cooperation for technical/technological development
    • 2016.11
      The MOU signed with KEA (Indonesia) for the cooperative development of gas field
      “Stylish Life China” Exhibition (Chéngdū Shì, Sichuan Province in China) attended to sell eco-friendly products (cosmetics)
      Bio Friends Co., Ltd. established
    • 2016.10
      Investment attracted from Korea Technology Finance Corporation
    • 2016.08
      Agreement for 2016 Hyewha AIISET Technological Commercialization signed with LINC of Daejeon University
    • 2016.06
      BF International Co., Ltd. established (for the overseas business)
      Others Selected as a family company (Chungnam National University), a family company (Daejeon University), and a family company (Korea Institute of Energy Research)